How To Build Your Own 🎨 Social Sharing Template For Easy Social Share Buttons. No Coding Knowledge Required!

The first of a kind full featured unique template builder for a WordPress social sharing plugin. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a new free extension to hold that – direct customer benefit.

Must Have Social Media Features for Every WooCommerce Store 🛒

Have you capitalized on the full potential of social media in your WooCommerce store? n this article we are going to talk about all must have WooCommerce social media features in 2019. All they can help to grow your WooCommerce store social media popularity. And all they you can use to increase the number of visitors and number of sales.

Introducing Manage Plugin Features: Control Plugin Features & Functions From One Place

Transform The Best Social Sharing Plugin for Your Needs
With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can easy deactivate the features of plugin you will not use today. And that is not permanent – you can reactivate their usage at any time. All that is really simple and you can do with just a few clicks. It’s worth to try – that will save a lots of time in feature when you wish to do a change inside settings. Let us show you how easy this can be.

How to Recover Facebook Shares After Moving to HTTPS/SSL

If you’ve lost your Facebook shares because you move your site to HTTPS/SSL, this article is just for you. Learn how easy you can restore them back.

Display Positions: Post Vertical Float

Easy Social Share Buttons come equipped with a great variety of display positions. Some of them are all-purpose and have no specifics of use and display. But others have specifics that you need to know before choosing the display that will work best for your online marketing goals. Post Vertical Float is one of these display […]

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Easy Social Share Buttons

From 25 May 2018 come into action the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a regulation related to data privacy laws across Europe that protect and empowers all EU citizens data privacy and reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. How General Data Protection Regulation affects Easy Social Share Buttons? […]

Viral Point Display Position

Viral Point is one of our free extras for all users that have activated their plugins and validated their purchase codes. In this article, we will describe how to install and activate viral point share feature. Also, we will mention some of its specifics of work, which will help you easily decide if this social share display […]

Activate Easy Social Share Buttons

With the upcoming version 4.1 that will be released very soon, we made one very important change that will affect all our customers. We have included purchase code activation to be able to work with the full variety of features and free add-ons included in the installation package. No matter when you have bought the [...]

How to Setup Mobile Based Displays of Easy Social Share Buttons with Most Popular Cache Plugins

Loading speed is one of the most important things for each website owner. Everybody care how fast their site is. And that is absolutely understandable. It is really irritating, when you browse slow site, isn't it? That is the reason cache plugins to be one of the most popular applications. We have noticed that 85 % of our customers [...]