How to Setup Mobile Based Displays of Easy Social Share Buttons with Most Popular Cache Plugins

Loading speed is one of the most important things for each website owner. Everybody care how fast their site is. And that is absolutely understandable. It is really irritating, when you browse slow site, isn't it? That is the reason cache plugins to be one of the most popular applications. We have noticed that 85 % of our customers [...]

Facebook API change. Update Easy Social Share Buttons to version 3.7.2

Did you noticed that your Facebook counter disappear? Or may be display zero? Yes, we know how horrible is that for everyone that care about the social media optimization stuff.  But please keep calm, there is nothing wrong with the ESSB settings of your installation. Just Facebook changed the URL of the API, from where the counter [...]

Tweet With Image

Initially Twitter is not conceived for image shares and that is the reason at the Tweet message no parameter for image to be added by default. That makes impossible to make Tweet with image via Easy Social Share Buttons, which is really big disadvantage, because nowadays the visual part of each content is really well-thought-of. Here is little [...]

How To Set Up Custom Pinterest Description

The description of an image, shared with the button of Easy Social Share Buttons from any site, can be easily customized. The only detail you need to pay attention for to make your customization work flawlessly is the way you Pinterest button works. There are different options need to be done if your Pinterest button is [...]

Precompiled Resources Option

Optimized load of static resources – like a mini cache plugin

How to Set up MailChimp in Subscribe Button

A fully functional subscribe button in #socialsharing plugin for #WordPress with direct integration with MailChimp

How to set Open Graph meta tags using Easy Social Share Buttons

Open Graphs are meta tags, included in the code of each page. These tags are used to customize and control the data that each network grabs from the page. Without such tags, social networks choose what to take as shared information by their own. But that automatic grab from the page content isn't so useful and in 99% [...]

Update fix

Are you running version 3.4 or version 3.4.1 of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. Read how to update to our brand new version 4.

How to customize the mail message

How to optimize email message that your visitors will share – a quick settings overview for every blogger.