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Say hello to Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 7.0, our newest feature fantastic update. This latest update is feature-packed with awesome new social media options for every website. Discover what’s new and read below for major new options and updates.

For all of the new features and enhancements please check our new demo page!

A Brand New Options Panel

Meet version 7 control panel. We fully re-design the setting screen making easier to work with all plugin features and find what you need. Everything will be on a click distance. And we add an easy welcome boarding guide for all new or past users.


The Custom Share Button Builder

A lot of users ask for the inclusion of region (country) specific networks or applications. Or they want to include a custom button in the list of shares. Prior version 7 that was possible only with custom code (using plugin API).

But we know that users are not coders! So with version 7, we add for the very first time in WordPress social media plugin the ability to build own buttons in the social sharing list (unlimited number of buttons). Need a social network not available inside plugin – it is not a problem, you can easily add it with a few clicks.

And yes – No Coding Knowledge is Required! 

Here is a screencast showing how you can add a custom share network (Baidu) in less than a minute.

Show Your Social Proof

Do you need to show FOMO notifications and boost your social shares? Actually yes – you need. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is described as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Why don’t you utilize that power on your website to grow social popularity? Now you have Social Proof Notifications Lite module included for FREE. Setup in less than a minute you can show automated FOMO notifications about the social popularity of your post, page or product (number of shares) with a direct sharing action available.

View Demo →

Instagram Feed

With the help of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you can add a beautiful profile or hashtag feed (manually or automatically inside content). You can also build a pop-up follow me on Instagram screen. Add all that with beautiful layouts, privacy safe and without the hiccups for building access tokens 👏.

Adding Instagram Feed for Profile or Hashtag

Embedding Instagram feed on websites not helps you gain more likes on Instagram but also increases your brand trust because Instagram has established itself as an association between a brand and its customers thereby helping brands to leverage their social influence. The application is used as a business tool by bloggers, vloggers, photographers, travel enthusiasts and in addition by people working in the lifestyle space.

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can easily add feed for profile or hashtag on-site with shortcode, widget or page builder element (for supported builders only). The shortcode is highly customizable and you can easily select:

  • The username or hashtag
  • Number of images to show (up to 12 from the latest)
  • Number of columns (up to 6 columns per row)
  • Show as carousel or slider
  • Show bio profile data or not (with two different styles)
  • Show hover image information, etc.

And each shortcode stores the data privately on your site. And you can use as many on a page or site you need. Interested? Take a look of the video below.

Add Automatically Instagram Profile Feed Below Content

Have you imagined replacing the same-all looking author box with an Instagram profile feed? Now you can easily do it. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress now has an automated adding below the content of Instagram Profile feed.

If you wonder why you need to switch your author box with Instagram Profile bio, here are few things:

  • Grow your Instagram profile followers
  • Increase spent on time
  • Show off greate visual content
  • Increase the connection and engagement of your visitors

Classic Pop-up Feed to Boost Followers

And finally the Instagram pop-up feed. The pop-up feed will show on each page load (or once based on setup you do). the feed offers a quick way to show your visitors the great social media content you have. The pop-up is a method that can’t be missed by visitors. It is proven to be the most convertible for growing social followers.

Now you can show that automatically with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

View Demo →

New Social Profile Links Layout

New and awesome looking layout with call-to-action text for Social Profile links. The layout offers different alignment, split into two rows, etc.

View Demo →

New Social Networks

Welcome the new and updated social buttons in version 7.

  • Share Buttons: Facebook Like Button, Copy Link Button View Demo →
  • Social Followers/Profiles: Patreon, Mixer, TikTok, Odnoklassniki, Medium, Xing View Demo →

More Than 70+ New Features & Improvements

But what you see above is not all. Version 7 is the most feature-packed update we have ever released. 

View All Major Changes →

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