How to Add Images to Your Tweet in Easy Social Share Buttons πŸ€”. The Secret Revealed.

πŸ€“ Did You Know? Tweet with image generates 20% more clicks, 90% more likes and 200% more retweets vs a plain text tweet.

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This article is part of the Easy Social Share Buttons’ Training Academy. The training academy is your top-level source for getting started guides. But also you can find a master hacks about social media features. Some of them you may now, but probably there is a big chance to find something new πŸ’―.

Twitter is designed as a short message sharing social platform. The message itself needs to be short but memorable. And as that was a text-based sharing the image was not initially designed as an option. That is why the typical tweet can’t have an automated image generated. This is a really big disadvantage because nowadays the visual part of each content is well-thought-of (an old-time Twitter research confirms that).

βœ”οΈ But even the impossible can be reached using the Easy Social Share Buttons.

We will share with you the top secret of the social media experts for making your website share a tailored Tweet with an image. Read below and save a small fortune πŸ’° for paying in Tweet social media optimization to an expert. All you can do now on your own πŸ‘ – it’s simple!

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