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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the most feature packed social media plugin for WordPress. With a single plugin you receive not only a share buttons but also social followers counter, subscribe forms, profile links, detailed analytics, conversion tracking and more than 100+ other useful WordPress social media features. But we also now that not that each user has its own specific needs.

Transform The Best Social Sharing Plugin for Your Needs

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can easy deactivate the features of plugin you will not use today. And that is not permanent – you can reactivate their usage at any time. All that is really simple and you can do with just a few clicks. It’s worth to try – that will save a lots of time in feature when you wish to do a change inside settings. Let us show you how easy this can be.

Use the Included Different Plugin Modes

The plugin modes contain a preset configuration of features that will be available inside each of them. If you are a newbie plugin user the modes can save you a lot of time. Each mode contains the most used features of plugin for the level you choose. And the best is that after selecting a plugin mode you can still personalize the functions that will be available (used it as a base). You can access and change the plugin mode at any time by selecting Switch Plugin Mode link at the top of settings.

Share Buttons on Mobile Devices

  1. Manual Setup – the manual setup mode gives a full access to the Mobile settings from the Where to Display menu. That will give you a chance to select display method, styles and networks
  2. Automatic Setup – if you do not wish to fight with the mobile display but you wish to have a standard good looking mobile share buttons, that this mode is just for you. Activating the automatic setup will show a responsive mobile share button automatically at the bottom of site with a selected design and networks you choose. That will also hide all other share buttons from site (except the mobile)
  3. Deactivate on Mobile – in case you do not wish to have any share buttons appearing on mobile than using this mode will be the solution. Activating the mode will automatically hide all share buttons when user is using a mobile device

Plugin Functions Mode

  1. Custom – this is the default mode where user can change the settings
  2. Light Share Buttons – includes just the social sharing plugin features with most used display positions, social sharing optimization and additional features for every day usage
  3. Medium Share Buttons – adds a few more positions the the light share buttons and in addition activates the after share events and build in analytics
  4. Advanced Sharing & Subscribe – extend the sharing functionality a bit more (but a few of specific display positions will still be deactivated) and also activate the subscribe form usage
  5. Sharing, Following & Subscribe – almost all of the features are active including those in previous modes and followers counter/social profile links
  6. Everything – just like its name said. The mode will remove any deactivation that was made and you can use it as a quick reset button for feature changes.

Compare Different Plugin Modes →

Manually Deactivate The Unused Functions Using Manage Plugin Features Menu

Besides the automatic plugin modes you also can deactivate manually all the features of plugin you will not use. This includes modules, display methods, networks, advanced deactivate of display or activate additional developer functions (features). The features you deactivate inside this menu can be activated again at any time by simply reverting back the option to No.

Deactivate Plugin Modules

Inside the deactivate plugin modules section you can remove the modules that you will not use at this time from plugin. When module is deactivate plugin will remove it from admin interface and it will also avoid its code during plugin work.

Deactivate Display Methods

The deactivate display methods can remove any of the positions you will not use on your site. That will make a far more easy to choose locations and deal with the settings.

Developer Functions

The developer functions section unlike the others before allow you to activate a special functions inside plugin. Those functions are not used on an every day basis and they may require additional code knowledge to work.

  1. Activate Fake/internal share counters – like the option says this will allow you easy to fake the share counter value. If active all of your share counters will be turned into internal counters. Internal share counters increase with each button click. You will also be able to set individual or minimal share values. Learn more on activation of Fake/internal share counters.
  2. Activate Filter/action integration – the filter/action integration will make possible to assign automatic share buttons display to any action, filter or a custom hook. The added integration will appear inside plugin menu as a regular display position. That makes extremely easy to modify the look of share buttons. You can also control the appearance by activating/deactivating the position – just like any of the existing. Learn more for action/filter integration and custom displays.
  3. Activate Miminal Share Counts – a simple function that can setup a minimal share counter value for each network if used. On the site you will see always the minimal share value that you set unless the official share counter become bigger.

Exclude Display of Functions

Inside this section you can deactivate a specific module or feature of plugin from automatic placement on a specific post/page by entering its id. You can enter multiple ids at a same time divided by comma.

Manage Active Networks

The manage active networks section is new added in version 5.8 of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. Inside plugin you have access to more than 50 social share buttons for different networks. But are they really useful for your site? Now you can simply select the buttons you will use on your site and all other social networks will disappear from the list and from the options. But those networks are not permanently removed – you can always deactivate this function or add additional networks that you plan to use on site.

  1. Set to Yes the option that you wish to setup own network list
  2. Choose the list of networks that you will use (all others will be removed once you save options from the list).


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