Snapchat Sharing. A must-have social media feature for your website.

Happy to say that starting of version 7.2 Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress supports Creative Kit for Web: Share to Snapchat from your site.

With Creative Kit for Web, publishers and brands can add a Share to Snapchat button to their website so Snapchatters can share content from a mobile or desktop website into Snapchat.

Each shared Snap will have a custom-branded Sticker or GIF as well as a link to drive traffic back to the original content on the website, giving developers free distribution inside Snapchat, and the ability to drive traffic back to their platform.

You can try Creative Kit for Web here on the Snap Kit Blog, with the share button at the top of this post!

How to add Snapchat button to your website?

The Snapchat button is not part of the core plugin’s social networks. If you need this button you should install it as a free add-on for all of the plugin customers. It is installable like any of our other free add-ons. You can also download the add-on from the add-ons list page for Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

You may wonder why we do that? Why such a major app is not inside the core plugin?

The answer is simple. Snapchat sharing works only when you are using the Creative Kit. This requires to load a javascript library on your website from the Snapchat servers. In this case when there is no static sharing command we cannot trust that this method is privacy safe (even that according to Snapchat if users are located in the EU due to the GDPR they won’t collect data). As of this, we decide that the button will be a separate free add-on.

How to enable Creative Kit for your website?

If you go here you are one step away from getting Snapchat work on your website. You need to whitelist your domain inside the Snapchat developers portal. Before going on this sharing won’t work (or at least that is what Snapchat says). The official documentation of requirements you can find on Snapchat developers portal (including basic steps).

Add Your App to the Snap Kit Developer Portal (Simple Steps)

To access Creative Kit for Web, we’ll first need to add your web app to the Snap Kit Developer Portal.

1. Navigate to and log in with your Snapchat account

2. Click on the blue cross button to create a new app

3. Write in the name of your web app (and try adding an app icon for extra style!)


4. Select “Creative” under “Kits”

5. Ensure that “Web” is selected underneath “Development Environment”

6. Add the public URL from GitHub Pages under “Whitelisted Attachment URL Domains”

Don’t worry about including anything after the domain (i.e. “”)

7. Finally, add all of the friends you want to allow to share your scrapbook under “Demo Users” (only required until reviewed)

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