URL Shortener is officially closed now. The best 5 alternatives to Google’s discontinued URL shortener you can use for social sharing

If you actively use Google’s URL shortening service,, you’ve probably read their announcement that they’re officially ending the service as of March 29, 2019. If not than its over – is officially closed now as a service. All existing short URLs will continue to redirect to their destination but you will not be […]

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 6.0 ✨ Revolutionary New Features

We just released Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 6.0, the most advanced social media plugin for WordPress ever created. Design and manage your entire site social media functionality in a new way that is light years ahead. Find out what is new.

How To Build Your Own 🎨 Social Sharing Template For Easy Social Share Buttons. No Coding Knowledge Required!

The first of a kind full featured unique template builder for a WordPress social sharing plugin. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a new free extension to hold that – direct customer benefit.

Must Have Social Media Features for Every WooCommerce Store 🛒

Have you capitalized on the full potential of social media in your WooCommerce store? n this article we are going to talk about all must have WooCommerce social media features in 2019. All they can help to grow your WooCommerce store social media popularity. And all they you can use to increase the number of visitors and number of sales.

Introducing Manage Plugin Features: Control Plugin Features & Functions From One Place

Transform The Best Social Sharing Plugin for Your Needs
With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can easy deactivate the features of plugin you will not use today. And that is not permanent – you can reactivate their usage at any time. All that is really simple and you can do with just a few clicks. It’s worth to try – that will save a lots of time in feature when you wish to do a change inside settings. Let us show you how easy this can be.

60 Gradient Templates for The Best WordPress Social Share Buttons

Give a festive spirit of your share buttons. Check the new gradient templates add-on for the best social sharing plugin for WordPress – Easy Social Share Buttons. With the new Rainbow Templates Pack you will receive an additional set of 60 awesome looking gradient templates for share buttons. That include 15 unique gradients in 4 […]