We have noticed that most of the Easy Social Share Buttons’ users tend to activate the Facebook Advanced Sharing option as some kind of better way to set their buttons work. But often that is absolutely unnecessary option that makes the setting process long and complicated (because of the Facebook Application ID required). Even worst, in 90 % of the cases that option makes troubles at the buttons’ work, because it contradict to the purposes of ESSB usage. The result is that the sharing buttons just don’t work as users expect.

To explain clearly why this option makes problems if it is activated without need, we will start with answering the question

What is Facebook Advanced Share?

Advanced share functionalities are provided by Facebook on different levels. For example at your personal Facebook account you use Advanced Share options to regulate from who your profile will be accessible. You can set it to be public, friends, friends of friends, only me or custom privacy.

Exactly the same logic is followed with the Facebook Advanced Sharing feature. But you need that feature when you share content from external source than Facebook.

For what can be used?

In short you need Facebook Advanced Sharing feature to regulate the rules of share for the Facebook from your website. With Advanced Share feature you can:

1. Make restrictions about the audience that will have access to the shareable content from your website.

For example you can lock your content as impossible for share/preview at Facebook by parameters as age, Facebook groups, etc.

2. Render your share information, when you want your sharing elements to be different from the Open Graphs Meta Tags.

For example with Advanced Share feature you can set three Facebook buttons on one page and to set each button to share different information. You can customize the URL, the image, the description, the title – just everything.

Facebook Advanced Share and Open Graph Meta Tags

What you have to pay attention of is that when you have Facebook Advanced Share feature active the Open Graphs set for your website will be not used for Facebook share. These two social sharing tools have common functionality, that is why they can not work together.

Very often our clients ask for help because the Open Graphs that they have set are not generated at the Facebook share box. The reasons in most of the cases are too:

1. There are Facebook Advanced Share and Open Graphs activated both.
In that case OGs can not be expected to work for Facebook.

# Support advice

Use Facebook Advance Share feature only if you need to make your Facebook button share information different from the OGs. In that case the customization have to be done via the Facebook Application.

2. There are more than one instance of Open Graph activated.
In that case the social networks just don’t know what exactly from all OGs generated to grab. And the result is absolutely the same as no Open Graphs are set.

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