Viral Point Display Position


Viral Point is one of our free extras for all users that have activated their plugins and validated their purchase codes. In this article, we will describe how to install and activate viral point share feature. Also, we will mention some of its specifics of work, which will help you easily decide if this social share display really fits your needs and marketing goals.

How to install Viral Point?

1. Go to Easy Social Share Buttons -> Extensions and find Display Method: Viral Point.

2. Click once on the display method – that will download Viral Point display method installation file.

3. Upload the file as usual via WodrPress uploader

4. Activate the plugin 

How to set up Viral Point?

1. Go to Easy Social Share Buttons -> Where to Display -> Positions on Site -> Positions. Choose Viral Point under Additional button display positions

2. Find Viral Point Display Position Settings and customize the point button on your taste:

* You can include call-to-action text, that will appear next to the Viral Point button.

* Choose icon      

* Customize background color and text color

* Choose between 14 animations

* Activate Total Counter

* Choose the best place to locate viral point to appear

If with Viral Point Display you want to use different than default social share networks set for your site, use the CUSTOMIZE USED SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR THIS DISPLAY METHOD section. Choose the networks that will be visible only for Viral Point Display position.

The result should be share icon in one of the corners of the screen. And when position the cursor on the button social share buttons appear in the middle of the screen. Like this for example:

Like this for example:

What you need to know about Vural Point

Viral Point is thought to be used for blog style websites or for blog sections of different types of sites. It is developed to work for posts only. We have noticed that high percentage of our customers use Easy Social Share Buttons for blog style based sites. This is why we wanted to develop display method that breaks the rules about social sharing display methods and follow the functionalities typical for blogs.

Viral Point can be displayed for pages too. But can not be applied to dynamic home pages or archive pages. The reason is that it is hard to define the URL for dynamic pages, which may cause display issues. So please keep in mind that this is blog style share buttons display method, developed to work primarily with posts.

Video Tutorial

How to Recover Facebook Shares After Moving to HTTPS/SSL


If you’ve lost your Facebook shares because you move your site to HTTPS/SSL, this article is just for you

Websites with a lot of Facebook likes are bound to lose some likes when they move their site to https. That is because Facebook sees your https URL as a completely different URL. You can’t move the likes, shares or comments directly to the new URL but you can use the old URL as the canonical source for the number of likes or shares at the new URL.

How Facebook see your page?

When resolving which URL a like or share action should be attributed to, Facebook uses a process to resolve the canonical URL for URL that’s been loaded. When a URL is loaded, the crawler will look for:

  1. A HTTP 301 or 302 Redirect
  2. The use of an og:url open graph tag in the page
  3. The use of rel=canonical as described in RFC 6596. (Facebook’s crawler only supports content, not HTTP headers.)

If any of these methods result in an URL that’s different than the URL originally loaded, the specified URL will be considered the “canonical URL” for the original URL. If required, the crawler will also follow a chain of redirects to find the canonical URL.

All likes and shares will be attributed to the canonical URL instead of the loaded URL.

What did you need to do to make a proper migration without losing my share counters?

By controlling the canonical URL you can move content from one URL to another and retain like and share counts, as long as you allow Facebook to continue to resolve the new URL into the old one. This can be done with one of two methods:

Add an og:url tag to the new URL which points at the old URL (Preferred)
In your new URL, you should include a link to the old URL. For example, if your new URL was, and the old URL was, you should include this snippet in the

<meta property="og:url" content="" />

Using this method tells the crawler that the canonical URL is at the old location, and it will use that to generate the number of likes and shares on the page. Any new likes and shares will continue to aggregate on the old URL as well.

Read more about the whole process and specific redirection settings you may need to apply inside Facebook Documentation

Sounds complicated if you are not a developer? Here is the secret that will make it simple

In Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, we simplified all that with just option switch inside social share optimization tags. All you need to do is visit Social Sharing -> Sharing Optimization and activate under Facebook Open Graph Settings the option that you wish to Use HTTP version of page in social tags


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Easy Social Share Buttons 4.2


At the very end of March, we are finally going to release the new version of our most popular application Easy Social Share Buttons. And yes we really thank you for the patience. We know that you haven’t heard anything from us for about a couple of mounts. Believe us, we worked hard and not only about share buttons! That is all I can say, for now, you will need to wait till the summer to understand what new we have prepared.

Let’s come back to share buttons. With the update version 4.2 we worked in three directions:

  • New, faster control of social experience;
  • Template & design upgrades;
  • New extension Functional Buttons Pack – free for all registered users;
  • Other fixes.

Shorten up the setting process

Speed up of setting your social purposes become our main goal. Going in deep the new version of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers revolutionary functions to speed up the work and changes.

Quick access Welcome screen


Fast and easy access to core plugin functions with just a single click. Easy to see what is running right now, activate or deactivate components.


Refined control panel

Quick and easy access to options is the best way to speed up the entire workflow. The new version is made to simplify work of all advanced options. We also add useful tips that will save you time in setup.

New network selection with quick filter

All new network selection component with live search will make a piece of cake changing active social networks.

Meet new front end quick setup


Most common setup changes are now simplified. With all new and unique on-site help tool you can easy change social share information, active display positions, activate or deactivate modules, get counter information and even more. All daily jobs run fast and easy.


The live button customizer


Stop wondering how your buttons will look on the site. We introduce the new live button customizer. Just click on customize and make it all adjustments on the site with real-time preview – easy isn’t it.


New Subscribe Form Design


The new design is #8 Easy Optin design under Subscribe forms settings.


Counter Animation


The new counter animation provides live count till the final counter value is reached. The move itself attracts user’s attention and that stimulate for social sharing action.


Functional Buttons Pack

This is a free extension available for all registered users of Easy Social Share Buttons. This extension will add to your social media share buttons several blog styled buttons that are not social media based:

*Previous/Next post button (common feature is currently available with Post Bar Display);

*Bookmark button

*Copy Link button

*Button that generates QR Code with link – this will allow sharing website content to different chat applications as WeChat for example.

LinkedIn Followers Counter show zero

From about a month there is an issue with LinkedIn Followers Counter. There is a change in LinkedIn API and that blocks the counters of our app.
We are still waiting to see when that change will be officially released so that we can also make the change needed at our plugin. For now we just don’t know what have to be changed as there is no information announced by LinkedIn.
The only thing you can do to make your LinkedIn Followers counter display any value is to use manual value option. 

Manual Display of Followers Counter Value

1. Go to Like, Follow & Subscribe -> Social Followers Counter: Settings and activate Allow user values
2. Then go to Like, Follow & Subscribe -> Social Followers Counter: Social Networks -> LinkedIn and under Manual user value fill the number manually